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Appointments & Fees



Have you decided to make an appointment for an initial consultation? Wonderful! Call me or text me or email me. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours, and the first appointment within the next two to three weeks.

A session lasts around 90 minutes. I recommend six to nine sessions in the first cycle. However, you are free to cancel the consultation at any time or to prolong it.

  • The sessions take place approximately three to four weeks apart. This gives your you the opportunity to process what has been recognized and to try out the solutions found.

  • I am bound by confidentiality. What we discuss with each other stays between us. 


  • I offer you counseling and pastoral care in English, Swiss German or German.

  • Counseling sessions take place in Wildhaus. There is also the option to have online counseling.

If you have never sought counseling or pastoral care, I encourage you to take the plunge. You can only win!

And to make it a little easier for you, here is a brief description of how you can imagine an on-site session starts at the agreed time. I will first offer you something to drink and we will have a few minutes with each other where you can ask  questions and explain what is important to you. I will also present my working methods in more detail. 


The initial counseling session is freeThe following sessions cost CHF 80 per session and last 1.5 hours .  

If you cannot keep an appointment, please cancel no later than 24 hours in advance, otherwise the counseling session will be charged 100%.

The counseling sessions are not  be paid for by health insurance company.

Look closely and then move on

I listen to you and take you seriously. In my life I have often had the experience that taking a close look at a situation in a counseling session has been very helpful in order to understand the situation in better and then dare to make changes and move forward.

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