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About Margot Walt

über Margot Walt

I was born in the Rhine Valley and grew up there too. After graduating from high school, I lived in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for almost two years and then went on to study to be a primary school teacher in Rorschach. So I know the Swiss school system from both sides, as a teacher and as a mother of four children who are now grown up. After my marriage in 1996 I moved to my husband in Toggenburg. Together we run an organic farm with dairy farming.

I enjoy a varied worklife. I am practical and perceptive.

I'm fascinated by other cultures. I like people and their stories. I also like to immerse myself in a good book which give me insight into other people's life.

I am a cheerful, reliable and confident woman who puts her heart into what she does.

I got to know Alfred Adler's individual psychology in a further training course for teachers.

A few years later, I did my training as a counselor on the basis of individual psychology and I completed it with many personal aha moments. A lot of what I learned was and is a great enrichment for my own life and I would be happy if my training could also be of benefit to you.

Let's solve the challenges in your life together. Get in touch with me. I look forward to meeting you!


  • counselor-in-training for resource focused trauma therapy

  • counselor for personal development and social skills ICL*

  • companion for personal development and social skills ICL*

  • elementary school teacher

  • Matura Type E (Business)

* ICL Institut für christliche Lebensberatung (

Commitments in connection with counseling 

  • Head of Regional Group 4 at ACC*

  • Co-head of "Coaching for farmers/farmer's wife" in the canton of St.Gallen

  • Participation in the Southeast Asia team of icl-help

* ACC Association for Christian Counseling (

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