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Get pastoral care & counseling in an environment

where your soul can recharge.


I offer counseling for people in difficult and challenging situations. By asking specific questions, we work together to develop solutions that you can implement.

How counseling works:

My counseling is based on the individual psychology approach. Based on experiences in early childhood, the young child learns how his/her world works and forms his/her personal life. Some of the conclusions the child draws are true and some are based on error. In addition, individual psychology assumes that human behavior is always goal-oriented.

So why should you seek counseling? By examining your personal lifestyle, you will get to know your strengths and weaknesses and you will have the opportunity to make positive changes.

Why a consultation with me is interesting for you:

Advantage 1

Through my initial training as an elemantry school teacher and as a mother of four, I bring with me a lot of experience from everyday life with children at home and at school. I've found that there's always a way, even if it's not always obvious at first.

Advantage 2

Living and working on a farm has taught me that death is a part of life, that many things are not in our hands and that some problems can be solved with unconventional ideas.

Advantage 3

The consultation takes place in the beautiful Toggenburg, which offers you countless opportunities for walks and hikes in nature to process what we have worked out together.


The (spouse) partner is a key figure in life, so it always makes sense to invest in this relationship, by working on good communication and interaction in order to have valuable time together.


Raising children and living together as a family are both exciting and challenging at the same time. Learn to understand your child better, to react appropriately and also to take care of yourself.


Life on a farm is very varied, labour-intensive and weather-dependent. Different generations often live and work together. It is not always easy to find good cooperation and sufficient freedom for individuals.


Anyone who works outside the home spends a large part of their time in this environment. If the work conditions and the working atmosphere are right and you enjoy the work, many things will be easier and your entire environment will benefit.


Faith and church can sustain and strengthen a person. However, sometimes people are disappointed and hurt by God or by people who call themselves Christians.


Work-life balance is a buzzword these days, but sometimes it's not too much work that endangers the balance, but leisure time or a friendship turns out to be difficult or challenging. Is one or the other a topic that preoccupies you?

What is on your mind right now?

Have I piqued your interest?  

Sign up for a free initial consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

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